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About Me

The paint and the process

From small sketches to large-scale projects, my work is a highly-personal reflection of my inner self and the way that I view the world. However, as the bulk of my work is portraiture, it becomes a kind of collaboration between the sitter and how they wish to be seen, and my exploration and depiction of their features and creating a good likeness.

This interest in people extends to themes of figures, seated or dancing, moving and still..

I also explore themes of life in Johannesburg, it's people and unique beauty. Landscapes and skylines, treelined suburban avenues and city streets.

More recently, I have been tugged towards exploring the dramatic effects of climate change, as we inevitably find ourselves between the fire and the rising sea.

If you would like to find out more about my process, (or better still, buy my work!) get in touch.

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